Andrew Jones - Art Director
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I make videos every day.


Foley Follies

This short was done entirely in stop motion and is comprised of thousands of individual images. 

Tiny Hands

Find Bagel

a documentary about Bagel the Beagle,
Richmond's most famous lost dog.

The documentary got some press in Style Weekly.

As well as the Richmond Times Dispatch

View the whole project here.


A short reel of some animations I made before Brandcenter.

A short film about snow and what happens when Richmond gets a lot of it.

My first Richmond apartment overlooked Broad street which was the finish line for the UCI World Championships RVA 2015. I took a lot of footage that week and made this.

If you haven't met Gerardo (Jerry) Valencia then I'm sorry.

Case Studies


RVA is going to the
SxSW music festival to convince start up companies to headquarter in RVA;

create a :60 video explaining your team's idea on how to engage festival goers.

Annie's Case Study Video

Young Shits submission: ZZZVR
(It's a sleeping mask shaped like a VR headset.)


Biking as a means of transportation is ideal in some cities, yet we are not taking full advantage of this because of the dangers of being a biker on the road with cars. We have a solution.