Andrew Jones - Art Director

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Short List

Tiny Hands

Assignment: make a 30 second 'about me' video.


This is Brandcenter

View the whole series here.

Find Bagel
a documentary about Bagel the Beagle,
Richmond's most famous lost dog.

The documentary got some press in Style Weekly.

As well as the Richmond Times Dispatch


San Pellegrino

Mud Gloves



This is Brandcenter –  Video campaign

Save the Slow Loris - Musical

AXE Find Your Magic - TV, interactive

Fucking Swear Less - Interactive

RVA.BOT - SXSW interactive experience


Production DesignBefore art direction, I directed a lot of plays and led the production design for a lot more. 

Brandcenter Shirts – what's your size?. 

Carolina Ukulele Ensemble – Helped co-found the world's first collegiate ukulele ensemble.

Animation Reel – Showing off a little of what i can do.




Folly Follies – A live action stop motion animated short film about a piece of paper.

More coming very very shortly.