Andrew Jones - Art Director


Bloodshot eyes, read on.

We romanticize burning ourselves out. And think long hours = big ideas. At the same time, we vilify rest during the day. And think it's slacking off. 

Let's reframe sleep. For creative folks, it helps two things: 1) It reduces noradrenaline, the brain chemical that stresses us out. When we sleep, that chemical is at its lowest. That's why you feel so friggin' refreshed and unstressed and blessed after a nap. 2) The subconscious mind is a genius. Its nonlinear, totally visual way of thinking helps us solve creative problems in ways the conscious brain never could.

But it's not enough to know this. You have to see it. Because seeing is believing. With ZZZVR, your creative employees reframe resting in a new way. The VR headset does not trick the boss man. It reminds us in a visually familiar way that working includes recharging our creative batteries.

Andrew Jones - AD
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HEY AD AGENCIES: You're too tired to read this. So let's make this quick.
Work smart. Not so friggin' hard. Instead, put the ZZZ's in ZZZVR.
Introducing ZZZVR: the first ever virtual reality: the subconscious.
It's literally a sleeping mask. Just. A. Sleeping. Mask.
Let's not overthink rest. Stop reading, watch this video.